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David Sternfield is an attorney and international autism advocate who currently works as a Guardian ad Litem appointed by courts to represent children in family law matters.  For over 20 years, David M. Sternfield has provided consistent, knowledgeable representation to individuals and businesses in Chicago and across Illinois in various legal matters. We represent and advise clients at every stage, from the inception of the case to settlement, trial and appeal.

In particular, we concentrate our practice on the following areas:

  1. In family law matters, we provide comprehensive assistance, including on matters of divorce, separation, premarital agreements, paternity, surrogacy, custody, spousal support, child support and civil unions.
  2. We represent children’s personal and property interests, in addition to our extensive experience on estate planning matters.
  3. We represent clients in all forms of real estate litigation.
  4. Our firm represents individuals facing a variety of traffic charges.
  5. We represent clients through all stages of the foreclosure process. Whether you have just received notice of foreclosure, are fighting a case or are trying to establish a payment plan, we can help.
  6. We handle all matters relating to immigration, including green card petitions and assisting green card holders trying to navigate the naturalization process. We resolve matters related to family, employment and special visa holders.
  7. We provide tough, aggressive representation to clients who have suffered a serious personal injury, whether due to auto accidents or the negligent actions of another person.

Decades Of Experience From A Lifelong Chicago Resident

Founding attorney David M. Sternfield was born and raised in the Chicago area, and he has practiced law in Illinois since 1994.

In addition to growing a successful law practice, Mr. Sternfield has experience at Fortune 500 companies such as McDonald’s, where he worked in commercial real estate, and at MCI Communications Corporation, where he drafted and negotiated multimillion-dollar technology contracts. Having been a member of all three Chicago financial exchanges, Mr. Sternfield is also an experienced floor trader.

Mr. Sternfield served as a panelist at the United Nations during the 2014 United Nations World Autism Awareness Day event, “Autism: Awareness to Action.” As such, Mr. Sternfield has expertise in the area of autism, autism legislation and matters relating to special needs. Mr. Sternfield has received acknowledgement for participation in the legislative process resulting in the passage of the State of Illinois House of Representatives Resolution No. 856, recognizing U.N. World Autism Day in Illinois. Mr. Sternfield has travelled to countries such as Russia, China, and India for purposes relating to autism and has lectured at universities throughout the world such as Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jadavpur University Kolkata, India, and Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.

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